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From the SF Bayarea Machine Learning Meetup at Instacart

*00:27:05* Deep Learning at Instacart - Jeremy Stanley

Instacart has revolutionized grocery shopping by bringing groceries to your door in a little as an hour. Behind the scenes, Instacart uses machine learning for everything from routing shoppers to ranking search results. In this talk, Jeremy will cover their recent tech blog post, Deep Learning with Emojis (not Math) ( ), which details how Instacart is using Keras and Tensorflow to predict the sequence that shoppers will pick items in stores. Jeremy will discuss the data collection, mobile technology and deep learning architectures Instacart is applying to enable on-demand grocery delivery.

*00:00:25* Supply Optimization In an On-Demand Marketplace - Jagannath Putrevu

Instacart uses a large network of personal shoppers and delivery drivers to shop for all the groceries customers order and deliver them within their due window. On any given day, it becomes extremely critical to figure out how many shoppers and drivers we need to staff so as to adequately meet all the demand. But this is easier said than done as on a day-to-day basis, there are multiple factors that contribute to a large amount of variance. This talk explores a novel simulation-based optimization methodology that we employed to staff our shoppers and drivers, so as to maximize efficiency, minimize idle shopper hours and minimize orders lost due to lack of supply, all while managing the uncertainty.

Jeremy is currently the VP of data science at Instacart, conquering the world one carrot at a time. Jeremy leads a team of machine learning and operations research engineers who are integrated into product teams to drive growth and profitability through logistics, catalog, search, consumer, shopper, and partner applications. Previously, Jeremy was chief data scientist and EVP of engineering at Sailthru, CTO of Collective, and founded and led the Global Markets Analytics Group at Ernst & Young (EY). Jeremy holds an MBA from Columbia.

Jagannath is a Data Scientist working on Logistics problems at Instacart. He has a Masters in Operations Research from Georgia Tech and has worked as a Data Scientist at Walmart eCommerce prior to Instacart.


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