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Music by Mathias Grassow:

While the physicists are hard at work at CERN, racing tiny particles through a subterranean accelerator, while the astronomers are wrapping their heads around the understanding of dark matter and dark energy; massive concepts completely unknown to man, and while the biologists are mapping and cataloguing the human genome, Mathias instead focuses on music and sound as part of or indeed the true essence of our universe; the very fabric of spacetime and the elemental building blocks that make up you and me and every other entity we can see or feel around us.


1. 00:00 Celestial Oasis
2. 1:04:00 The Spacelight
3. 1:59:00 The Ancient Artefact
4. 2:48:00 Above The Karman Line



If You're an Ambient Space music Producer and would like to share it, message me. I can use Your album in the next mix.

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