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There’s more to a dish than what’s served on a plate. A chef’s food can act as a voice to share a story, whether that be a tale of identity crisis or a struggle to find a place in an established cuisine. Eat Seeker delves deeper into the meaning behind the dishes that represent the chef and looks at what motivates their cuisine.

With ramen and pho shops on every block in NYC, chef Simone Tong was worried her restaurant Little Tong would get lost in the shuffle. Little Tong isn’t just any old noodle shop, however. Chef Tong specializes in a rice noodle soup called mixian, which is the perfect balance of flavorful broth and light, slippery noodles. The traditional recipe is derived from her upbringing, which took place in the breathtaking Chinese province of Yunnan. Tong perfected the recipe to a T, so after migrating around the world and eventually settling in the Big Apple, she felt compelled to share bowls of the steamy goodness with fellow New Yorkers. While nothing can compare to mixian she grew up on, Tong successfully introduced the soup and other Yunnan staples, like Mala Chicken Mixian and Grandma Chicken Mixian, to an entirely new community of hungry diners.

Senior Producer
Chas Truslow

Phoebe Melnick

Camera Operators
Phoebe Melnick, Daniel Cangelosi

Morgan Dopp

Assistant Editor
Zachary Lapierre

Graphics Art Director
Ted McGrath

Fredy Delgado, Megan Chong

Line Producer
Emily Tufaro

Production Coordinator
Sarah Barry

Post-Production Supervisor
Daniel Byrne

Supervising Producer
Stasia Tomlinson

Creative Director
Tom O’Quinn

Executive Producer
Justin Lundstrom

Special Thanks
Little Tong

Track Title: “Bodhran Beaters”
Composer: Bodhran Beaters

Track Title: “Glide”
Composer: Elton Presley, Drop Lamond

Track Title: “High Noon”
Composer: Trackyard

Track Title: “Time 2 Space”
Composer: Alan Gold, Jimi Lyons

Track Title: “Holding Back”
Composer: Tom Linden, Harry Valentine

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