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Were predators at war with Engineers ? Do predators have superior technology compared to engineers?

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Previously, I believed Engineers technology is superior
to that of predators. However, in the first scene of the new released predator, we can clearly see that yaotcha ships have the worm hole technology which is something we’ve never seen Engineers using. At the end of prometheus David and Elizabeth depart from LV 223 and it’s shown the juggernaut propulses into space. In alien covenant, the same ship arrives to the atmoshpere of the planet 4 as if it went from very high speed to almost a complete.

On the other hand, in predator 2018, the yotcha ships have the wormhole technology which allows them to cut throught space/time and travel to a distant point almost instantly. Wormhole is also called Einstein-Rosen bridge. Inside these special objects spacetime and gravity interact to generate a tunnel that allows to pass from one part of the universe to another, bypassing the intervening space.

So if we compare, how the predator and engineer ships travel extremely high distances, it becomes obvious that predators have superious technoogy because creating wormholes requires deep understanding or space and time and allows to travel bigger distance in less time.

Another proof would be that engineers seem to go to hypersleep which is only need if the journey takes a lot of time. However, just to add a little bit of doubt to it. We don’t really know if these hypersleep pods were used by passengers to undergo very long trip, since the jugernaut needed a pilot who did not go to hypersleep as far as we know. Instead we would be merged with a biosuit and supposedly control the ship. So why would some engineers go to hypersleep but not the pilot?

But that really feels like a stretch so let’s assume that predators are techonologicaly superriour to engineers, since we’ve never seen Engineer ships capable of the wormhole travel. If that’s true, how could engineers create predators as I concluded in my other video which I posted before the release of the new predator movie. The new about information about predator technology makes us question even more the idea that engineers created predators.

If engineers created predators, it’s entirely possible that predators are superiour by design. Engineers could have intentionally made Predators superious to them in an attempt of creating something better than themselves. Just like humans made androids who are basically better than humans in everything, cognitive abilities and physical strength. Imagine if there was a planet of androids who possessed higher intelligence and strength, left alone to themselves they could have advanced way faster than humans, their creators. And eventually androids would probably whipe humans out thinking that they are the next step of evolution which is exactly what David concluded in Alien Covenant. So if we apply this analogy to the engineers and the predators, we end up with the scenario in which the creation youtcha surpased their creators engineers, which explains why predator’s technology is thousands of years ahead of whatever the engineers had.
In the new predator, we learn that the youtcha are able to merge their DNA with DNA of other species. Since engineers are know for their bio experiments with life forms, it’s very plausible that predators leaned bio engineering from their creators. Another detail is that dispite having seeminly distinct apearance from engineers, predators have many similar biological features. Both have two arms and legs, two eyes and one mounth and so on. They both have similar skeletal proportions. So on a broad biological spectrum with massive variation of all existing life forms predators and engineers stand very close, which it makes it likely that one created another or that they at least share the same DNA.

The second theory is that Engineers and predators are rival races that were engaged and maybe are still engaged in a war and we’ll over details in movies that support this idea. This theory does not directly contradict the first one because it’s still possible that engineers created predators and youtcha turned against their creators just like david turned againsts humans. Or maybe after creating youtcha, engineers realized that they made a mistake and tried to whipe them out which sparked a war between these species.
On the other hand, predators could have evolved completely seprately from engineers and at some point in history these species became rivals engaging in an ongoing war.


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